What is "RomanticallyMe"

Romanticallyme is about making self care body products that will love your body. We are all about about you loving you!   Take time out to care for you. Many times women more often than men, are so involved in taking care of others and  go without or short change themselves.   This is something I did and still do at times.  It is a learning process, especially after doing so for so many years.  I am learning to say no, to delegate, and let others do for themselves, so that I can get my life right. Even with the lingerie, sometimes, I just do it for me.  A nice bath or shower with Romanticallyme's body milk and bath soak will give me relaxation and peace.  Depending upon the essential oil (patchouli, hint hint) I can be in the mood for whatever!   Here's to you loving you.

Love & Blessings,


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