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Bearded Men's Gift Set

Bearded Men's Gift Set

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Basic. uncomplicated skin and beard care set for men.  

Mesh Travel Bag includes -

Soap Bar

Beard Wash - Deeply clean and nourish beard

Beard Balm - Grows, shines and moisturize, Rub a small amount in beard after washing 

Beard Oil - Moisturize and shine beard and skin. After washing apply 2 to 3 drops to beard rubbing into skin and beard

Body Wash - Hydrate and moisturize your skin

Body Butter  -  to seal in moisture rub a dab of butter all over after shower 

Body Soap - Variety of Moisturizing Aroma Therapy Scented Soaps

After Shave Cologne Spray -Spray after shower or bath - DO NOT SPRAY ON CLOTHING